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The Westbrook Elementary School PTA is a non-profit organization that aims to enrich our childrens' school experience through fundraising and programming.  We work closely with our school all year long to provide fun and educational experiences for your children such as:


* Artist in Residence Program

* Staff Appreciation and Staff Development

* STEM events

* Indoor and outdoor enriching recess games and activities

* Community events


These programs are so ingrained in the culture of Westbrook that many forget these programs are, in fact, "extras" that MCPS does not pay for.


The PTA supports and funds all these programs and activities.  So, please help us continue the tradition of excellence at Westbrook Elementary School by joining and supporting the PTA!

what can you do to help?


1.  Join the PTA: Please join us and get involved!  It’s fast and easy to join the PTA.  Bonus – once you join, you'll  have instant access to the online student directory. 


Please visit to join.



2. Contribute to the PTA’s Family Contribution:   Every fall, the PTA asks each Westbrook family to contribute to our annual campaign.  This fund runs programs such as Artist in Residence, STEM, Community of Caring, Assemblies, Staff Development, Field Days, and much more.


We focus on this one-time contribution so that we don't have to ask you to sell chocolates, wrapping paper, popcorn, etc..  


Give once and you're done.  


This year, we hope that each family will contribute and we hope to have 100% participation.  


Please remember, that the entirety of your donation will be spent on improving the educational experience at Westbrook Elementary School.

Please visit to contribute.

Questions? Please contact a member of the executive board.

3. Register Your Grocery Cards: Every year, Westbrook families and neighbors participate in Giant, Safeway, and Target programs that benefit our school. These programs provide financial resources to our students with each store purchase that participants make. There is no cost to join. There is no catch. Simply by signing up and using your store cards as you normally would, you will earn money for Westbrook students. Last year alone, Westbrook families raised over $6000  by shopping at Giant, Safeway and Target.



Here’s how you sign up:


To register your Giant Bonus card (starting 9/15):


  • Visit: 

  • Click “Register your card” in the red block for “Customers” 

  • Enter the first 3 letters of your last name and your Giant Bonus Card # 

  • Enter Westbrook Elementary School (00684)

  • If you can’t find your number, you can call the bonus card hotline at 877-366-2668. 


You do not need to register your Giant card each year but Giant recommends you log in to check your school assignment. Please note, your Bonus Card can support two schools at one time (the two schools will split the donation).


To register your Safeway Club card:



If you registered your Safeway Club card last year, you can renew simply by supplying your email address here.